We have partnered with Hettich to incorporate the AvanTech YOU drawer system into PolyBoard’s hardware library.

The AvanTech YOU was included in our recent Quick Design libraries update, but we wanted to dedicate a bit more time here to highlight the system and how it can be applied within PolyBoard.

Hettich AvanTech YOU

What do we like about the AvanTech YOU?

These drawers have been created for customers who expect not only a higher level of quality but also significant choice to accommodate their design preferences.

The large range of options include:

  • Drawer materials – white, silver and anthracite
  • Side panels inserts – in multiple colours and materials
  • Multiple profiles including a lighting strip option
  • Hettich’s DesignCapes that slide into place over the sides
  • A large variety of internal storage layouts

In particular we like the side inlays which are easy to drop into place. But in fact the entire assembly process has been set up to be as easy as possible.

The overall feel is a very modern, sleek design with hardware hidden out of view. The materials and choices available allow you as a business to take unique projects to your market.

The AvanTech YOU in PolyBoard

Here’s a short video that shows you how to apply these drawers to a cabinet in PolyBoard. We’ve added single drawers each with a different side panel inlay to highlight that particular design component.

The drawer slider positioning and play between the drawer and all adjoining parts is set up exactly so you know the manufacturing output will be 100% accurate.

And because PolyBoard works with parametric principles, when you resize the cabinet all parts are automatically resized and the hardware is repositioned as necessary.

Output options include a cutting list and 2D drawings of all parts with hardware machining coordinates included. Alternatively, generate CNC files for each part, again complete with all machining data, to run your machine.

Hettich AvanTech YOU manufacturing output
Part by part plans with complete machining details + CNC files

Start using the AvanTech YOU in your PolyBoard designs

PolyBoard’s Quick Design libraries include the AvanTech YOU as well as a wider range of Hettich products including:

  • Door systems like the Sensys
  • CAM systems like the VB range
  • More drawers like the Quadro V6, InnoTech Atira and ArciTech

Log in to your account or register for free to download the latest Quick Design libraries.

Please get in touch if you would like to set up an online demonstration with a member of our technical team. They will be able to show you round the software and explain how the Hettich hardware can be applied.

Finally, we would like to thank the team at Hettich Canada for their support in implementing this system within PolyBoard’s libraries.

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