There are many things to consider when designing a kitchen for your clients, from the size of the room to who will use it to the desired look. It’s a big job, so let’s take it step by step.

Make a Floor Plan

The most important starting point when designing a kitchen – whether a grand country kitchen or studio flat- is to take the dimensions and produce an accurate floor plan.

For added reassurance, our specialist parametric kitchen design software, Polyboard, lets you to enter the precise room measurements (because we know how expensive it is to be off by just a centimetre) then creates the floor plan for you.

This video shows you how to get started, by entering exact wall dimensions into a Polyboard project:

Complete guidance on the use of PolyBoard is available from our Help Centre.

Design the Cabinets

Make sure to implement both base and wall cabinets to give your clients much needed storage space. If you need to add more storage space, consider implementing a horseshoe-shaped kitchen design as opposed to a straight line of cabinets.

Innovative cabinet design can really make use of all the space in a small kitchen by instituting kick drawers at the bottom of cabinets or creating hanging space on the ends of cabinets.

Our Polyboard software comes with Quick Design libraries that allow you to drag and drop pre-existing design elements into your project. These cabinets can then be adjusted to suit the size or style (by changing the material or colour) of the kitchen and you can choose the brand of hardware and assembly details that you prefer (i.e. Blum, Hettich, and Hafele).

hettich hardware library
Polyboard’s hardware library

Add In Other Furniture

Of course, cabinets are not the only furniture in a kitchen. Leaving aside electrical items (fridge, washing machine, oven), your client may wish to have a shelving unit or a hanging rack above their cupboards on one wall.

Polyboard, which was built for professionals in the woodworking industry, allows you to create these as well; either designing from scratch if your client wants something bespoke, or using our Quick Design libraries.

View a Model of the Kitchen

When designing flat, it can be hard for you or your clients to get a good idea of the overall kitchen design (particularly if the kitchen has units above the base cabinets).

That’s why Polyboard creates 3D as well as 2D designs for you at the click of a button, so that everything is visible and the client can suggest things that they’d like to change, like converting cabinets into shelving or adding a built-in wine rack to the island.

how to design a kitchen layout

Make Edits

If after seeing the design, your client wants to make some edits then it is time to reconfigure.

Whether the edits are as simple as changing the wood used on the cabinet door from oak to teak, or as complex as changing the whole layout, Polyboard can make the process so much simpler.
It automatically re-calculates the materials, measurements, and costings with every change you make to ensure that you can give an accurate bill to your clients.

Getting Started

We pride ourselves on incredible customer support from the hundreds of videos, models, and guides available on our website to 1-2-1 TeamViewer sessions to a technical support forum.

We’ve even created turnkey software and CNC machine configurations which are specially designed for the woodworking industry so that if you are not only designing and fitting, but also cutting the wood, you’ll save precious time and money.

If you’re looking to simplify the design part of your woodworking business, why not give Polyboard a try today?

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