To go a little further into how design with Polyboard I’m going to set up some videos to show more in detail some of Polyboard’s unique features that will help you design all your cabinets faster and easier.

Polyboard is a very powerful parametric design tool and can do a lot of things. Because of this it has a vast array of functions that can be at first confusing.

To help clear through the clutter I have divided the subject into several themes that I will be addressing separately these will be:

1- Modelling out side volumes; shape of the cabinet

2- Modelling inside cabinets; separations, shelves, drawers, etc.

3- Modelling boards and panels; shaping panels, framed panels, etc.

4- Defining assembly details; joints and hardware,

5- Materials libraries; managing basic stock and boards

6- Manufacturing methods; stream lining your work by putting it all together in a library

7- Output; how to use cutting lists, plans, DXF, and postprocessors

Here is the first video in the series on how to model outside volumes.

Hope you find it interesting:

How to model the outer volumes of a cabinet with Polyboard

As you can see the modelling functions of Polyboard are really mind blowing. With a bit of pratice anyone can design extreamy complicated cabinet in minutes. If you have a CNC machine attached you can design and manufacture in minutes too!

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