How to shape boards in Polyboard

Polyboard as it name suggests works mainly with flat sheet material.

Although limited to flat panels Polyboard has many features that enable you to give any shape to any specific  panel in your project.

Any  basic shape can be simply drawn in CAD as polylines and imported into Polyboard.
Shapes are of two sorts :

  • open polylines that are for shaping the edges of a board
  • closed polylines for making cut outs in the board.

Once imported into the Polyboard library the shape becomes parametric, and you can apply it to a board changing  its proportions, angle and position.  You can even mirror it horizontally or vertically.

Positioning the shape precisely on the board becomes very easy with Polyboard’s quick positioning features.

Here’s a quick video to show how to add basic shapes:

Adding Shaped Panels to your Polyboard project

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