From version 5.10B of Polyboard you get some very neat render options.

With improved lighting and shadows, these options will allow you to create more realistic images to present your projects.

But with the possibility of applying an image directly to a Polyboard  panel  it now becomes possible to add some special effects that  makes Polyboard  not only a fantastic manufacturing tool, but also a great  presentation tool.

In this video I show how to take an image file from Google and use it to create a Polyboard design.

It now becomes possible to design a Polyboard project that look like any photo or image.

With these functions you can easily play with different design elements that you download from the internet (please make sure you’re allowed to use them though), but also use photos of existing furniture.

The design implications of these new features are really impressive.

Here’s a simple series of base cabinets rendered with these features:

sculptured doors 02

Detailing with image files is fast and easy and opens infinit design possibilities:

sculptured doors 03

Here’s a video on how to set it all up:

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