We are delighted to have many amateur woodworkers using Polyboard, our pro cabinet design software, as well as workshops.

Here’s a short article based on the experiences of Bernard Amiguet who started working with Polyboard in the spring of 2019.

Let’s start with a selection of images showing a kitchen he’s finished (above), and a bathroom project still underway (below).

Isometric bathroom project in Polyboard
3D bathroom project in Polyboard
Partially completed bathroom design

This is what Bernard had to say about how Polyboard has helped him to achieve his goals.

Hi, I’m sending you these photos as attachments, they are of a completed project as well as something I’m working on with Polyboard…

I decided to get Polyboard Pro so I could work on a range of projects for my loved ones and for myself.

Polyboard allows me firstly to set up and then present a project. Then you have the ease with which you can change the dimensions of a piece of furniture without having to recalculate and redraw everything. The manufacturing details are, thanks to the cut list drawn up after the creation of the furniture, clear and precise (dimensions, machining) and means you avoid errors and really speed up the work.

For my part, when purchasing the software I also took advantage of the online training pack offer (4 hours of training). These training courses are very useful for getting started with the software in order to understand its functionalities. In addition, the trainers, regular users of the software of course, were very competent and offered good advice when needed.

With this training and my own efforts, I was able to get a good base to benefit from the power of the software, which makes the design, the output and the machining of the different parts very easy.

Best wishes, Bernard Amiguet

Thanks very much to Bernard for taking the time to send in these project details, and for his comments.

We can also tell you he has just ordered our OptiCut software to go with his Polyboard. This takes Polyboard’s cut list and creates an optimised cutting map of the panel materials that ensures minimal material waste.

It only takes a few seconds for Polyboard to send the details to OptiCut and to output the results, take a look at this video which shows you how it’s done.

One final point…

If you are an amateur woodworker and you’re not sure about buying the complete version, we also offer a way to use our pro software without buying it, check out our CabinetFile service for details.

Thank you for reading, please let us know in the comments if you have any queries about Polyboard or OptiCut, or you can contact us directly for an online demonstration.


  1. reza bahrami on March 29, 2020 at 9:49 pm

    Hi I’m Reza Bahrami and I work in the cabinet industry. I recently bought an automatic cutting machine. I want to provide the best and fastest way to produce cabinets with the help of cabinet design software and cutting edge software so your company can help me with this. If you can give me some complete information about polyboard & opticut software that I can work with and whether it meets my needs, I could decide to buy these software from your company right now. I am very difficult to make decisions because I do not have information about the services that these software provides and I can not decide. I introduce my friends. My number 00982069609 whatsaap

    • Stefan on March 30, 2020 at 9:31 am

      Hi Reza, thanks for your message. We’ll email you over some more details to help you understand what the software is capable of. I would also recommend an online demo. Meanwhile, these two pages give an overview of each software: Polyboard and OptiCut. All the best, Stefan

      • reza bahrami on March 30, 2020 at 9:43 pm

        Hi dear friend . Thanks for your kindness. I can make the right decision for myself if I have a good understanding of your software. It’s great if I have enough information about these software and how to get it from the company and their price list. I am an official member of the Wood & Cabineting Union of my place of residence and know and have good relationships with about 3 of my colleagues. They work traditionally and are not familiar with the software of the world. I have decided to increase their information and provide them with a suite of professional software. If I can build a good partnership with your company, I think it’s going to happen a lot faster. By increasing their awareness and updating their information, your company software can be used and this will increase your company members. How can I find the best way to collaborate and interact with you in the right way, so that a good business can happen between you and me? I feel we can have a good friendship and business together. To make this connection I need to have enough information about how your services and software suits. I first need to be fully aware of them so that I can pass them on to my colleagues. I want to set up a training and scientific forum at the Partners Union and I think your company can help me with that. We can play an effective role in this industry by using your software suite and educating our colleagues.

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