Polyboard stocks all the materials to design and build furniture in libraries.

Polyboard has 2 types of libraries:

  • Material libraries: panels, edging material, bar material and hardware. Hardware libraries are split into two types: fittings for hardware that links two boards, hinges, screws, dowels, etc. and single panel fittings which is hardware that is limited to on board like handles, feet, etc.
  • Method libraries are ways that we build furniture, these are: Open curves, Closed Curves, Rules and Manufacturing Methods (global and sub-methods).
    When you start using Polyboard it’s good idea to set up the materials’ libraries with your own materials.

The Libraries are accessed from the Libraries menu:


Here’s a list of the materials’ libraries and their use:

Panels Materials:
This library stocks all the different panel types and specifications. Panels or boards are the base material for Polyboard and they are measured as a surface (m²)

Edge Materials:
This library stocks all the different edging. You can use fine edging or thick solid wood edging. In both cases the edging will be calculated according to its dimensions in the drawing and cutting list, but the thickness will not show in the 3D model. Edging is measured in meter lengths.

Bar Materials:
This library stocks wood that can have a specific section and be measured as lengths. This library can be used for lengths of moulding. It can also be used for framed panels as in framed doors, but I don’t recommend using it for this as although the bars are calculated the separate elements of each frame are not drawn when made with bar material. I suggest that you use panel material for all framed work.

Fittings and single Panel Fittings:
These libraries stock the machining used for installing hardware.

All these materials and hardware have a price attached that is used to calculate the global price of a project as you design:

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Have fun using Polyboard.

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    thanks for this tutorial

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