MAXI-M3 ATC 1530

+ Polyboard Pro PP + OptiNest + VCarve for perfectly integrated design and manufacture

Turn key all in one solution

  • Great price for very high spec machine and software pack
  • Router working surface 1500 x 3000 mm
  • 8-tool Auto Tool Changer (ATC) with carousel
  • Quality components including Japanese servo motors, Italian HSD spindle and Hiwin rails
  • Fully integrated Polyboard Pro PP industry standard design and manufacturing software
  • Recommended: the full configuration package comes with nesting optimisation software, specially chosen woodwork tools and extensive training
  • Unbeatable warranty and support
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ATC 1530 MAXI-M3 CNC Router

Over the years, we’ve spoken to a lot of companies who have struggled with integrating their design software and their CNC machinery after purchasing them separately.

Consistently, they told us that no matter how good the support available from both suppliers it took far too long to get the equipment up and running, meaning that they were effectively losing money. That’s why we decided to combine the two elements ourselves, so that all the hard work is done by the time our configuration gets to you.

Wood Designer Ltd has partnered with Powell CNC to offer easy to use design and manufacturing software that combines perfectly with their high-spec CNC machines for wood.

The MAXI-M3 routers are affordably priced without compromising on quality, just like our woodworking software, so you can feel secure in your purchase. The standard 10-piece carousel auto tool changers are complemented by well respected components including Italian HSD spindles, 850W Japanese Yaskawa Servo Drive Systems to name just a few, for reliable manufacturing that you can count on.

What’s so special about this configuration?

This is the complete package that takes you right through the design and production process without cutting corners. There’s nothing like this on the market today. We've checked.

  • 1. Polyboard for fast and accurate design work

    Includes 2D and 3D presentations for clients and an automatic cost report to produce accurate quotes
  • 2. Instantaneous optimised nesting maps with OptiNest

    Reduce both cutting time and material wastage, perfectly integrated with Polyboard
  • 3. VCarve production templates ready to go and pre-configured

    So you can immediately output the code to run your CNC machine
  • 4. Tool pack set up just right for woodworkers

    Specifications for these toolings set up in Polyboard and VCarve ready to go
  • 5. Comprehensive on site and online training programme

    So you can be manufacturing real projects immediately

The ATC 1530 CNC machine accommodates the same smaller standard sheet size as the 1325, plus half of a full size standard sheet of 2.80 x 2.07 m. This keeps panel sizes down and easy to handle.

It also allows you to cut longer parts when necessary. This makes the 1530 well suited to building stairs. So for example, you can cut almost any stringboard as a single part, or in two parts assembled afterwards with a puzzle joint or similar.

You can also machine furniture parts longer than 2.50 m, useful for some projects where you have ceilings over 2.50 m in height and need furniture to match.

MAXI-M3 ATC 1530 CNC Router

Working area
Italian HSD 9KW air cooling spindle
Japanese Yaskawa 850W servo drive
Taiwanese controller
Hiwin rails
10 tool carousel Auto Tool Changer
3 phase 350 V
4 zone vacuum bed, 5.5 KW pump
3.0 KW dust collector
T-slot table
Polyboard Pro PP design software
VCarve Pro CAM software
Machine install and set up - on site
OptiNest nesting optimisation software
Full training - on site and online
Specialist woodwork tool set and holders

Warranty and support details

Price includes 3 years’ warranty on parts, 1 year's warranty on labour, delivery, installation and on site training. Lifetime technical support for your machine via email or phone.

Additional on site and online software training programme with the full configuration, plus 1 year's Premium Support for Polyboard and OptiNest (including screen share sessions and full access to our forum).

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