MAXI-M3 ATC 2030

+ Polyboard Pro PP + OptiNest + VCarve for seamless design and manufacturing

All in one solution out of the box

  • Affordable but high specification CNC machine wood work configured plus powerful software pack
  • Router working surface 2000 x 3000 mm
  • 8 tool Auto Tool Changer (ATC) now with carousel
  • Quality components including Japanese servo motors, Italian HSD spindle and Hiwin rails
  • Polyboard Pro PP industrial level design and manufacturing software full integrated
  • The full configuration we recommend also comes with our nesting optimisation software, specially chosen tools for the woodwork industry and comprehensive training
  • Plus unbeatable warranty and support
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ATC 2030 MAXI-M3 CNC Router

We talk to lots of companies who have bought software and their CNC machine separately, then really struggled to get them to work well together. Even if you have access to good support for each, finding out how to integrate the two can be a major problem.

Instead of having your machine stand idle, we specialise in integrating the two elements so you can be fully up and running in record time, and earning a great return on your investment.

Wood Designer Ltd has partnered with Powell CNC to provide great design and manufacturing software that works perfectly with high quality CNC routers.

Just like our software, the MAXI-M3 routers are priced to be affordable without cutting corners on power and reliability. As standard carousel auto tool changers with a 10 tool capacity are complemented by high performance components including Italian HSD spindles, 850W Japanese Yaskawa Servo Drive Systems and a host of other features for reliable and accurate manufacturing each and every time.

What is so special about this woodwork industry configuration?

It includes everything you need to get from design to manufacture in wood as reliably and quickly as possible. There is no other complete configuration like this available anywhere!

  • 1. Design fast and accurately in Polyboard

    Plus 3D presentations for clients and automatic costings to get quotes out fast
  • 2. Seamless transfer to OptiNest

    Optimised nesting maps in seconds to minimise cutting time and waste
  • 3. Pre configured templates for VCarve

    To output the code to run your machine in a matter of minutes
  • 4. A tool pack set up just right for the woodwork industry

    All toolings are set up in Polyboard and VCarve already for out of the box manufacturing
  • 5. Backed up by an excellent on site and online training programme

    So you hit the ground running!

The ATC 2030 allows you to cut and machine larger parts, providing a better optimisation of material and saving time as less manual intervention is required.

MAXI-M3 ATC 2030 CNC Router

Working area
Italian HSD 9KW air cooling spindle
Japanese Yaskawa 850W servo drive
Taiwanese controller
Hiwin rails
10 tool carousel Auto Tool Changer
3 phase 350 V
4 zone vacuum bed, 5.5 KW pump
3.0 KW dust collector
T-slot table
Polyboard Pro PP design software
VCarve Pro CAM software
Machine install and set up - on site
OptiNest nesting optimisation software
Full training - on site and online
Specialist woodwork tool set and holders

Warranty and support details

Price includes 3 years warranty on parts, 1 year labour, plus delivery, installation and on site training. Lifetime technical support for your router is available via email or phone.

Polyboard and OptiNest training is provided on site and online. Additionally 1 year's Premium Support including screen share sessions and full access to our forum. Further support is discounted 50%. Additional training packs are available if required.

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