The woodwork industry is modernising fast. If they haven’t already, successful business are actively planning to invest in a CNC based production process.

nesting cnc with load and unload

With our background firmly rooted in this industry, we’ve developed a unique out-of-the-box CNC solution. The focus is small to medium woodworkers manufacturing custom projects.

What makes the configuration so special…

  • It’s the only solution on the market that covers your entire manufacturing process
  • You won’t be left footing the bill for a CNC with no design software to go with it
  • Or asking for help with your software/CNC integration and being told it’s somebody else’s problem

We are delighted to have partnered with a select group of CNC suppliers in over 20 different countries to be able to offer you this comprehensive solution including:

  • 3 axis nesting CNCs with auto tool changer, excellent vacuum and dust collection
  • Fully integrated suite of design, optimisation and CAM Software: Polyboard/StairDesigner, OptiNest and VCarve
  • Specialist woodwork tool pack and hardware
  • Comprehensive support and training for the entire configuration
  • Large number of additional configurations including pod and rail and drilling CNCs are also available
woodwork cnc options

So as soon as you’ve taken your site dimensions, you can complete your design in Polyboard (cabinetry and other furniture), or StairDesigner. Unlike CAD, the software is parametric so much faster and less error prone.

If you opt for a nesting CNC, you then output the design to OptiNest which nests the parts panel by panel to minimise material waste. OptiNest send this information along with all machining details to VCarve to produce the actual code to run the machine. Once you’ve got your design, this whole process takes a few minutes at most.

With a nesting CNC, the parts are cut and machined in one operation and are ready for easy assembly (no need to cut the parts beforehand with a saw).

Please get in touch to arrange a demonstration.

Click here to find out more about our wood CNC machine offers.

Thanks very much for reading,

The Wood Designer team

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