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To make Polyboard easier and faster to use for quick designing we have set up some new libraries that will soon be available (EDIT: are now available) for download on Wood Designer.

Polyboard is a very powerful professional furniture cabinet design and manufacturing software package. Because it can cope with all the intricate details of furniture design it’s possible when you’re new to the software to get overwhelmed and confused.

To help you get started quickly we have made a specific set of libraries and work methods that will avoid you having to master all the complexities of Polyboard for the design process.

If you are an amateur you will be able to set up and personalise a cabinet design and get a quick 3D visual without having to understand the more complex commands of Polyboard.

If you are a professional these libraries will enable you to make design changes on the fly and even make it possible to set up projects and easily design live with your customers.

In the following video we present these libraries and the work method.

EDIT: our Polyboard Quick Design libraries are now live and contain a huge amount of ready to use hardware and assembly details.

These libraries include:

  • A large range of popular hardware
  • Edging pre sets
  • Lots of ways to configure your carcass construction, your shelves, doors and more
  • 3D accessories like handles, knobs and coat hangers
  • Textures and images to enhance your design
  • Polyboard templates to highlight what’s achievable with the software

Click here to download Polyboard plus your Quick Design Polyboard libraries Lite edition.

This Lite version includes examples of all the hardware and assembly details available, plus lots of models and textures.

The Pro edition of these Polyboard libraries comes with any purchase of the software, or when you sign up to Premium Support.

    5 replies to "Polyboard Libraries Download: Faster Design At Your Fingertips"

    • Christopher ParĂ©

      Hi Ness!

      Did you really say “build the damn thing” in your video? LOL That is what it sounded like to me… Or is it some English slang that I am not recognizing! LOL

      In any case, it was very funny to hear that in your video (from a Canadian’s perspective)! 😉 I suppose that we are simply more censored than our English counterparts. In any case, I’m sincerely hoping you’re not getting frustrated on your end…

      Other than that, you did a job very well done!


      • Ness

        Hi Christopher,
        I did say “Damn thing” in my English Frenchy mind it didn’t sound too incorrect, although I might be wrong from other points of view. I didn’t edit it out, just thought it made the video sound more natural and nitty gritty.
        Doesn’t at all mean I’m frustrated. Still love what I’m we all are doing!
        How’s your bar coming along?
        Hope to see more of your photos on the forum soon!

      • mark nichols

        Hi Ness, Christopher.

        Had to play it again to spot the ‘damn’.

        Are we going for ‘gritty’ videos now, must be a first in our industry.


    • Christopher ParĂ©

      Hallo Ness!

      Sais-tu que nous avons le meme sorte d’esprit? 🙂 Anglais/Français, mais j’ai aussi l’allemand lĂ .

      My Mom is German and my Dad is French-Canadian. Lived in Germany for eight years, but now in Canada. I’ve also lived in the U.S. and Japan.

      Auf Wiedersehen! (I was too young to pick up the Japanese)


    • houssem rabhi

      Polyboard Libraries

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