Professional 3D office design software

A complete office design software to create everything from workstations and storage units to desks and wall partitions.

As soon as you've created the design, your cut list, plans and CNC files are immediately available.

design software for office furniture
office design software

Do you regularly design and manufacture office furniture and fittings?

Why waste time drawing with CAD or by hand. Instead build like you would in the workshop. Size up your carcasses, add shelves, upright, doors, drawers, plinths, worktops and all other assembly details.

Then apply the manufacturing methods you want to use for each specific project...everything from hardware, carcass construction and façade style to materials and edging.

Or open up your own model library, resize to fit the new project and apply your manufacturing styles in a few mouse clicks.

Design to manufacture in record time

The only software on the market that has power to design complex projects fast and output totally reliable manufacturing files

True flexibility, all in one package

Applications include office fit outs, shops fittings, reception areas, health care, distribution, leisure and hospitality settings.

As well as fitted wall units, options for free standing furniture, display units, filing units, storage units, desks and tables, workstations, partitions and walls...all included in your cut list, plans and CNC files.

3D office design software
office design 3D

Power to manage the most complex jobs

Irregular walls at unusual angles, sloping ceilings or walls, fit around boxing, pipework, pillars etc.

Design non rectangular units easily, add curves to your panels, access edge and inner tooling design features, frame and panel assemblies, veneers and more.

Residential as well as commercial

Just as easily used as a home office design software solution, allowing you to create the whole project in hours rather than days.

With great 3D visuals to aid the design process and close the sale.

home office design software

PolyBoard Pro PP comes with CNC integration

So the machining for all hardware is automatically applied making assembly incredibly easy

A start to finish 3D office design software solution

home office design
office partitions using design software
office furniture design software
office side desk
  • Many time faster than drawing in CAD. If you use CAD, you’ll know it’s rarely cost effective to design in full for a prospective client. With PolyBoard you can do just that.
  • Plus 3D presentations and cost reports. Order fulfilment including the quotation process becomes much easier.
  • Edging management, fully detailed in your cut list and on your labels.
  • And once you’ve created your design, output 100% accurate cut lists, plans and CNC files every time. Compatible with virtually any CNC machine.
  • Includes material, hardware and fittings libraries. Apply your preferred configuration to new projects in seconds. All major brands covered.
  • Easy to learn, great support when you need it.

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