How to update your stock levels each and every time your optimize your cutting lists, including all your off cuts.

In our last videos we showed how to optimize cutting lists with OptiCut.

As well as creating highly optimized cutting plans and maps, OptiCut is great for stock management.

Not only will it deduct the panels you use from your stock, but it will add to your stock usable off cuts from your cutting maps.

Here we have an optimized cutting list.

opticut cutting list and stock icon

Click on the Stock icon.

opticut stock icon

Our Edit Panels Stock dialogue box shows that we have 3 panels of 3050 x 1850mm, and 4 panels of 2500 x 1220mm.

These stock levels have not yet been affected by our optimization.

opticut stock management

To update your stock, select Tools > Stock Follow Up

Here you can define a minimum size for an off cut to be considered reusable. You can define a Minimum Surface and a Minimum Dimension.

The same principle applies to Bars.

For costing purposes, you can also define a % depreciation for the off cut value, so we wouldn’t be charging as much for our off cut use compared with our brand new panels.

opticut stocks follow up dialogue box

To update our stock, click on the Deduction icon.

This will reduce the stock by the amount of panels being used, and add to the stock any reusable off cuts.

opticut stock deduction button

Now click again on the Stock icon to view the changes.

Combined you have a great way to manage your entire panel and bar stock, including off cuts.

updated stock position

You can find out more about OptiCut here.

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