OptiCut version control

OptiCut Version Control

Latest Version

OptiCut Version 5.26g
Minor bug fixes

Previous Versions

OptiCut Version 5.26e, 5.26f
Minor bug fixes

OptiCut Version 5.26d
False positive anti-virus reporting fix

OptiCut Version 5.26
New save and restore parameters feature, new encrypted files for activating, uninstalling and moving licences

OptiCut Version 5.25e
Minor bug fixes

OptiCut Version 5.25d
Fix for stock window display

OptiCut Version 5.25b 5.25c
Minor bug fixes

OptiCut Version 5.25a
Install process fix for false positive virus warnings (note: no virus was ever present)

OptiCut Version 5.24, 5.24a, 5.24b, 5.24c, 5.24d, 5.24e, 5.24f, 5.24g, 5.24h, 5.24j
Minor bug fixes and system side improvements, post processor updates

OptiCut Version 5.23, 5.23a through to 5.23g

OptiCut Version 5.22, 5.22a through to 5.22e


OptiCut is available in the following languages:


Download the latest version of OptiCut

Register for free to download the demo version of OptiCut for testing before buying. We also offer online software demonstrations.

    4 replies to "OptiCut Version Control"

    • Wissem


      Veuillez m’envoyer la version d’opticoupe gratuite.


      • Stefan

        Hi Wissem, please register for free on our website then go to this page for your free OptiCut download. All the best, Stefan

    • Satish Mandal

      i have downloaded it but opticut is asking for activation code, how can i get it.

      • Stefan

        Hi Satish, you have downloaded the trial version of OptiCut. You can run an optimisation through it and you’ll see the cutting maps, but you won’t see the dimensions. When you buy the software, we give you an activation code which unlocks that output. You can download examples of the output at the bottom of the OptiCut download page. Please get in touch via the contact page if you would like an online demonstration of the software. Thanks

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