OptiNest version control

OptiNest Version Control

Latest Version

OptiNest Version 2.32e

  • New quick print label mode
  • Label data now supports Polyboard’s multiple post processor mode

Previous Versions

OptiNest Version 2.31q
Minor bug fix

OptiNest Version 2.31m, 2.31n
Minor bug fixes

OptiNest Version 2.31k
Fix for an isssue in VCarve where some machining is pushed outside the part area. A new option in OptiNest’s DXF export parameters addresses this:

OptiNest Version 2.31h
Minor bug fixes

OptiNest Version 2.31e, 2.31f, 2.31g
Minor bug fixes

OptiNest Version 2.31d
False positive anti-virus fix

OptiNest Version 2.31
Protection mode now based on encrypted files to replace the 16 characters codes, used when activating and uninstalling the software licence

OptiNest Version 2.30c, 2.30b, 2.30a
Now handles perfect grain in the case of multiple quantities, either one cabinet exported in several copies, or identical cabinets exported from the same project. Added flexibility in the DXF export feature to add multiple piece references.

OptiNest Version 2.30
New grain management feature

OptiNest Version 2.29k
Minor bug fixes

OptiNest Version 2.29e, 2.29f, 2.29g, 2.29h, 2.29j
Minor bug fixes, system updates

OptiNest Version 2.29d
Fixes a profile sorting bug.

OptiNest Version 2.29, 2.29a, 2.29b, 2.29c

OptiNest Version 2.28, 2.28a through to 2.28i
This version includes a new grain parameter for both parts and panels. Click here for more information.

OptiNest Version 2.27, 2.27a through to 2.27f


OptiNest is available in the following languages:


Download the latest version of OptiNest

To download your demo version of OptiNest, register for free here. We also offer online demonstrations to see the software in action.

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