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Fast, accurate, intuitive...and very powerful

  • Materials based workflow that's easy to learn
  • So much quicker than design by hand or CAD
  • Modifications are error free and automatic, add new sizes and your entire project is instantly updated
  • 3D / 2D models, cutting lists and plans of every part
  • Finished designs in minutes
  • Create templates and manufacturing methods to cut design and build time in half

An easy design tool for amateurs,
a complete manufacturing solution for businesses


  • Polyboard, our furniture software, easily handles fitted shelving, wardrobes, cabinets and much more.
  • Create complete projects, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and offices simply by clipping together separate units.
  • StairDesigner, for stairs, allows you to manage stairwells, flights and landings. Any angle, any turn. Accommodates S, U and L shaped stairs, no matter how complex.
  • Calculate detailed plans and cutting lists while optimising the number of steps, the slope and the headroom.


  • Instantly create detailed plans and cutting lists from your dimensions.
  • Polyboard: Point and click to add uprights, shelves, doors and drawers, create complex projects by clipping together separate cabinets.
  • StairDesigner: input sizes and calculates your stair automatically, change any detail, and your design is dynamically updated and optimized.


  • Polyboard: any shape, of any size, at any angle, all updated and dynamically redrawn as you design, the software takes care of the technical details and documents.
  • StairDesigner: any shaped stair...straight, with winders, any angle, curved, boxed strings, cut strings and central strings, in wood, metal, stone and cement or any mix. Instant perfectly accurate 3D models that show exactly how your stair will look.


  • Design in minutes what would take hours, sometimes days, by hand or with traditional CAD.
  • Projects that could take days to design and set up can be finished in minutes.
  • All design modifications update instantly all the documents of your projects...this maintain coherent data through all your manufacturing documents, from general drawings, detailed plans, cutting lists, CNC files, 3D models, pricing and more.

Should you buy the software?

The members' version of our software is fully functional except for the ability to output the cutting lists and plans. Here's how you get everything you need to build your project...

  • 1

    The Free Way

    Complete your design with the free version of Polyboard or StairDesigner and send it to one of our approved suppliers. They use the same software as you, so you they'll simply load up your design, then cut your parts and deliver them to you flat packed and ready for assembly. You can even ask them to complete the full build for you. Available to Full and Free members.

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    Use our CabinetFile or StairFile Full Member Service

    Instead of buying the software, complete your design using the free version and order either the CabinetFile or StairFile service. Then send us your project and we'll send back the cutting lists and plans. You will also receive an expert review and revision of your design if required.

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    You Can Buy The Software If You Want

    If you are working on a lot of projects you may prefer to buy our software so output of the manufacturing documents is fully integrated.

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