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If you have CNC facilities, discover a new way to get the very best out of them

Your clients design using the free version of our software and send accurate project files to you ready for manufacture

Becoming an Approved Supplier could be right for you if...

  • You would like to offer your customers free access to pro design software and expert support in using it

  • You'd also like to offer your manufacturing services to our wide subscriber base

  • You are looking for a faster and more accurate way to get from customer orders to manufactured output

  • You use or are planning to use Polyboard or StairDesigner, and operate your own CNC facilities

How your business will benefit...

  • Open Up New Markets

    Attract more customers with a seamless ordering process. We will also put you in touch with our subscribers who are looking for a way to outsource cutting and machining of their parts.

    Using the same software as your client, you’re perfectly placed to offer them just what they need, and seamlessly too.

  • Improve Productivity and Cut Costs

    If you aren’t already using Polyboard or StairDesigner, build the very affordable full versions in to your workflow, save time and money and cut out design and mark up errors.

    See a big rise in the return on investment of your CNC facilities as they are used at a higher capacity by your current customers and our subscribers.

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition

    Our online marketplace brings small to medium workshops, designers and architects together with larger shops for mutual benefit. Please don’t miss out.

    Also consider  signing up with Wood Designer to access our business consultancy services, and to benefit from excellent pro software and expert support.

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