We are pleased to announce the release of PolyBoard 6.02, including the following main new features:

1. Curve application

Polyboard curve application

Upon applying a curve to an edge tooling, you may now set both the length and the width of the curve, with possible lateral offsets.

This feature is particularly useful when creating doors and drawers handles, as it avoids using inner toolings, and preserves the curves upon PP export.

2. Tenon split

Polyboard tenon split

When 2 parts are assembled with tenon and mortise, if one of the parts has a surface split, the tenon and mortise assembly will adjust automatically.

3. Toolings sorting

Polyboard toolings sorting

It is now possible to sort the Post Processor instructions per tooling type.

4. Textures access

Polyboard textures access

New direct access to the textures directory (just like libraries and materials).

5. TCN specific features (for the TCN Post Processor)

a. Second outline option.
b. Instruction for the new TpaCAD labeling system.

Download the latest version of Polyboard

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