Polyboard training and support packs

From basic training to custom hardware and libraries set up to CNC integration support

Please contact us to discuss the best mix of training and support for your particular needs.

All prices exclude VAT if applicable and show the discounted price for training ordered with your software, and the standard price if bought on its own. The number of sessions in each pack as detailed below is indicative only, number and length may vary.

Custom hardware + libraries pack

Apply your hardware and construction preferences to unlock the full power of Polyboard

8 hours, 6 sessions, £900 discounted price (£1,200 standard)

Hardware set up

Libraries set up

Post processor set up pack

Configure our software to work with your CNC

4 hours, 3 sessions, £450 discounted price (£600 standard)

Polyboard > OptiNest (optional) > VCarve

2 hours, 2 sessions, £225 discounted price (£300 standard)

Polyboard > your CNC software

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