The perfect complement to
StairDesigner and Polyboard

Projects rendered with progeCAD

Computer stand

Buffet in chestnut

Shelves with radiator cache

Presentation module

Cabinet with facetted back

Cabinet with facetted back

Bookcase in maple & mahogany

Wardrobe with slant

progeCAD is not only a fully compatible Autocad 2D / 3D CAD program,
it is also a perfect copy of AutoCAD

Why progeCAD works so well with
StairDesigner and Polyboard…

  • The flexibility of fully functional and professional 2D/3D CAD software!

  • Incredibly simple parametric designs with StairDesigner

  • Simply load StairDesigner or Polyboard DXF files into progeCAD for editing

  • Add complex detailing to Polyboard and StairDesigner plans

  • Add curved parts and bow fronts to Polyboard models

  • Build and assemble multiple stairs and cabinets in the same drawing

  • Photorealistic rendering from StairDesigner and Polyboard models

  • Add detailed dimensioning to all your plans

So if you know how to use AutoCAD,
there’s no learning curve for progeCAD

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progeCAD today!


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The perfect complement to StairDesigner and Polyboard