This short article shows how to replace vertical spindles or balusters with railing.

replace banister and spindles

Since Version 6 StairDesigner allows you to replace the vertical spindles with railing.

This is just a display feature, and you cannot define the actual diameter of the rails.

So be careful not to have your rails too long between supporting posts as they will bend under lateral pressure and will not comply to building regulations.

Video on how to add railings

As this is a fairly recent feature of StairDesigner, for the time being the program doesn’t include the railings manufacturing details so they are not in the cutting lists nor do we have the holes in the newel posts.

For now the StairDesigner DXF files must be edited in CAD to add these details.

The next version of StairDesigner 7 will most certainly fill in these details, but while waiting, this feature is nice to be able show a specific styled stair to a client.

Download the software and access videos on how to use StairDesigner

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