If you are on the hunt for sheet cutting software, then you are probably fully aware of the benefits of optimizing your cutting operations…both in terms of real money and time savings.

Optimization and Stock Control in One

Using a professional sheet cutting optimizer like OptiCut, you will be able to reduce waste, but also reduce the time necessary for cutting as well as integrate automatically into your lists stock offcuts, and not only for sheet material, but also for material presenting in bars and profiles.

When using OptiCut you will have a possibility of either hand typing your cutting lists or importing them directly from the spreadsheet, csv or text file, or directly from other software like our pro design solution for furniture, Polyboard. Click here to see how well Polyboard integrates with OptiCut.

Once your cutting lists are imported into OptiCut, its powerful algorithms will calculate the optimal way of cutting your sheet material while at the same time managing stock inventory and offcuts.

If you are cutting industrial quantities of sheet material on a CNC saw, OptiCut will produce the CNC code for your saw too.

Sheet Cutting Software with Ultimate Flexibility

What enables our software to really stand out form the crowd is the power and flexibility of it’s optimization algorithm…you quickly choose your priorities like processing time over waste minimization, or fine tune every aspect of the process. Variables you are in complete control of include cutting time, cutting length, turnarounds, quality (size) of your off cuts, overall costs and much more.

So whether you are cutting sheet material as a small business or on an industrial scale, using professional sheet cutting software will enable you to increase your profits with very little investment. Integration is easy, and the learning curve is not significant at all.

For more information and video tutorials on OptiCut, click here where you can also download your demo software free of charge.

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