Hi Everyone!

For those of you who subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll know I’ve been talking about some great new projects I’m working on, and I’ve got major news about one of those today.

I’ve been listening to your comments and feedback and have thought long and hard about the best way to support you with your woodwork projects, whether that’s building stairs, cabinets or other furniture.

I also want something that is going to be incredibly valuable to both amateur woodworkers and professionals running a business.

A lot of thought has gone in to the planning and now we’re only a few months away from the launch of what’s going to be a completely new website and completely new concept.

So, what about the details?

Well, this site is going to be a single place where you can access brand new workshop based video tutorials that teach you step by step how to design, build and install stairs and furniture.

What’s so unique about that?

Well, it’s never been done before. I’ve checked.

It’s a big undertaking which is perhaps why nobody else has tackled it. But it’s going to be so worthwhile. In fact, I’m in the process of finalising lots of the videos now.

The content keeps coming

There’ll be loads of free software, templates, eBooks, other downloads and service discounts to help you succeed too. The combination of the video based training supported by awesome pro software and other resources will make what we are doing truly one of a kind.

You’ll have everything you need to become a master stair and furniture builder, and the way I’ll teach it will be simple, easy and enjoyable.

Key to the success of the site will be a private forum where you can showcase your work, and get support from me and other professionals. No more blocks to you finishing your projects.

And professionals will be able to get answers to tricky technical and business problems that are holding them back commercially.

Pros will also have the chance to offer their services to all members through our supplier directory and forum, developing a strong community of like minded people who can help each other out and develop new ideas together.

In fact, I’ve got some amazing new services coming soon which you’ll get to hear about before anyone else. Things to help the part time wood worker, and services that will streamline business workflow too.

A little thank you

As a thank you to my current subscribers, watch out for the very special launch offer. More details to follow soon…

Any questions, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading,

Ness Tillson

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