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I’ve talked about the minimum experience that you should have to start a stair building project.

Using good stair software with a meticulous and methodical mindset should allow you to tackle even quite complex stair building.

The important thing to keep in mind is that if you take your time and plan things out carefully before acting, you can build a stair with only minimum woodworking experience. The amount of experience you have will determine the time you take to complete your project and not its success.

That said, if you have very little experience, count on spending time understanding how stairs are built and how to manufacture the parts.

Amateur builds first time stair
StairDesigner 2D view
Thanks to Bernard for these images

Once you have mastered the basics of woodworking you will need to understand some basic stair building principles. You will not need detailed information on complex stair design, but general information on stair calculation, building, assembly and joints.

Wood Designer is committed to providing basic just as much as advanced information on stair building. See what’s available in the support area and watch out for new StairDesigner video tutorials and other resources.

This will be of great help in understanding how StairDesigner works and how your stairs will fit together.

Basic knowledge in stair design is essential to understand how to tweak and use StairDesigner’s manufacturing documents.

If you are not yet confident about making the right decisions, feel free to ask in the forum where you can get help or advice in understanding any aspect of stair design.

If you are an advanced stair builder that has already built simple stairs, you could look to build a complex wreathed stair, but if you’re just starting be careful not to over reach yourself.

In my opinion someone with no stair building experience should limit themselves to building turning stairs with winders as a first project.

If you have any comments, please ask on our forum. Thanks!

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