As with all architectural projects, very common annoyances in professional stair building are modifications.

This post contains 2 short videos showing how to modify a simple straight flight of stairs to make them into a stair of 2 flights and a quarter turn landing. the orginal staircase plans were calculated with the demo version of StairDesigner in the  recent Calculate Stairs with a free stair caculator blog post.

The example shows how to calculate and build a staircase with StairDesigner software using precise assembly details, giving a good working example of real life design for efficient design and manufacturing using professional stair software.

StairDesigner is an excellent parametric stair calculator, that draws the stair plans, and parts automatically after simple input of the stair parameters.

StairDesigner’s stair cad software allows you to calculate stairs, optimize the design according to the stair regulations that you input, and gives stair drawings and plans, cutting lists, detailed drawing of parts and a full 3D model with a few mouse clicks.

If you have asked yourself how to draw stairs, how to calculate stair stringers and stair treads, take a look at this software, it can really make your work easier.

Click here to get a full overview of StairDesigner.

To get a free download of the StairDesigner software click here

If these videos have been of interest to you don’t hesitate to come back. we will be posting other videos to show more in depth aspects of StairDesigner and how to organise stair design for smooth integration of stair cad into the manufacturing process.

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