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2. Stair Design in 7 Easy Steps
3. First Steps for Stair Builders
4. Stair Builder Top Level Checklist
5. How to Take Site Measurements
6. What’s Your Wood Working Experience?
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My name is Ness Tillson. I’m a professional stair builder working at Grenoble in the French Alpes. I’ve been making stairs since 1980. I’ve made all types of stairs from simple to
the very complex.

My professional experience has been in France so I have mainly built European style stairs, but you can very easily adapt what I say to your own stair building style.

I’ve written this eBook to help you get started with stair building in general and also to show how to get the most out of our StairDesigner software to help you do that. I hope
you will find it useful.

If you’re a professional, once you get StairDesigner up and running, it should help you design and build your stair projects faster and easier. If you’re an amateur woodworker it could make the difference between success and failure.

Stair design and building can be a complex job. Calculations are difficult even for an experienced carpenter and one of the longest and most error prone tasks in stair building is
designing and marking up the individual stair parts from the general stair plans.

Stairdesigner software can do much of this work almost automatically so it not only speeds up stair building for professionals but also enables non experienced woodworkers to build complex stairs that they could not build otherwise.

Although the stair software is easy to use, like any professional software it may seem a little confusing at first.

Here are a few tips to get started quickly and easily.

All the best,


p.s. I’m assuming you’ve already downloaded your free version of StairDesigner. If not, get your StairDesigner download here.

If you need further advice, please post on our forum to talk to a member of our technical team. Thanks!

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