Input your stairwell sizes and specifications into the free version of StairDesigner, we’ll process your project and send you the staircase design plan of all parts so you can get building straight away.

This is a great way to use pro stair software without buying it, perfect for one-off or occasional projects.

The output you will receive includes:

  • Complete list of 2D plans in PDF and DXF
  • Elevations and the cutting list of parts
  • 1:1 templates as an optional extra
staircase design plan

Click here for more details on our StairFile service and how to get started.

Here are the details of a completed stair plan project:

The project is complete, and from my point of view a success. It was achieved at a very reasonable cost.

It is a solid oak staircase, 1/4 turn at the bottom, 1/4 at the top, steps and risers of thickness 35 mm, without nosing to give it a contemporary look.

The strings were made in several pieces, 30 mm plywood. The relative flexibility of this structure was offset by the “self-supporting” aspect of the whole.

Christopher, cabinet maker working on his first stair project

Our stair plan service is the perfect fit if…

  • You would prefer not to invest in our professional stair software, but still want the full workshop plans and DXF output for your project
  • You are working on a one-off stair and need some expert help to complete it successfully
  • You want peace of mind that your stair design plan is as easy to build as possible

So as well as fast access to an error free stair design plan, enjoy the added benefit of experienced technical support at any and all stages of your project journey, from design to manufacture to assembly.

Click here for more details on our StairFile service

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