StairDesigner training and support packs

From basic training to custom libraries set up to CNC integration support

Please contact us to discuss the best mix of training and support for your particular needs.

All prices exclude VAT if applicable and show the discounted price for training ordered with your software, and the standard price if bought on its own. The number of sessions in each pack as detailed below is indicative only, number and length may vary.

Set up session

Ensure you get off to the right start

Up to 1 hour, complementary service included with new StairDesigner orders as part of Premium Support

  • Confirm software, libraries and support are set up correctly
  • Core concepts
  • Introduction to 4 ways of working
  • Introduction to 3 levels of working
  • A window into the power of StairDesigner
  • Support and training overview

Essentials training pack

The fastest way to get from design to output

4 hours, 3 sessions

Structure + organisation

  • General philosophy and file management
  • System parameters, checks and controls
  • Materials management
  • Understanding manufacturing methods and sub-methods
  • 4 ways to start your design

First stair, properties + output

  • User interface
  • Basic design, parameters and links
  • Output: workshop documents, 1:1 templates; post processors; DXF; 3DS

Advanced design, methods + enhancements

  • Curved stairs
  • Advanced stairwell and parts editing
  • Advanced manufacturing methods and sub-methods
  • Enhancing your 3D presentations

Post processor set up pack

Configure our software to work with your CNC

4 hours, 3 sessions

StairDesigner > OptiNest (optional) > VCarve

  • StairDesigner DXF post processor set up
  • OptiNest set up (if included)
  • VCarve set up

2 hours, 2 sessions

StairDesigner > your CNC software

  • StairDesigner post processor set up
  • OptiNest set up (if included)
  • Generate test manufacturing output
  • Review and revision

Support pack / StairPlan service

Multi-use service including project design support

4 hours, flexible sessions

  • Provision of general 1-2-1 support and as an alternative to our forum
  • We can support you with your own StairDesigner project or do the design for you with specifications you provide, either working with you or on your behalf
  • Dependent on the nature of the support required, session times may vary or we may work on your behalf outside a face to face session

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