Polyboard: Drawers

Polyboard comes with a powerful set of features to set up drawers to your exact requirements, whether you use branded drawer systems like Blum's TANDEMBOX and LEGRABOX lines, or your own custom set up.

You can have your drawers built in or to sit outside the carcass, you can adjust the heights of drawers individually, add extra design features to the facades, and modify the slack between and around all elements in fine detail.

Get all drawer parts in your cut list and plans AND 100% accurate machining placements for all the drawer sliders and other hardware.

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Adding and Modifying Drawers

How to add drawers to your cabinets in Polyboard. There are a huge range of parameters to allow you to set them up exactly how you want. You can choose between built in and overlapping, pre-manufactured drawers of fixed dimensions and custom drawers that respond to the size of your cabinet. You can add slack between the drawers themselves and between the drawers and the sides and top and bottom of your cabinet. You can also adjust the width you need for your drawer sliders.

Extra Multiple Drawer Options

Added creativity and control in how you design your drawers. Add and remove extra drawers, set up different heights for each drawer, apply curves to the façades, and modify angles, slack, edging and lots more across all drawers or individually.

Using Quick Design Drawers

Drawer set up must include not only the panels to build the drawer but also the hardware for the sliders. Without the Quick Design libraries this can be a complicated and tedious process.

In the latest version of the Quick Design libraries we have added

specific methods for pre-manufactured drawers and the list and coding have been simplified.

As well as standard drawers this video shows how to set up automatically the panel and hardware for pre-manufactured drawers like Blum's LEGRABOX or TANDEMBOX.

Drawer Partitions

How to create partitions in drawers. Useful for cutlery drawers in kitchen cabinets or for office storage solutions. In this video we create simple partitions using uprights and double backs. It's also possible to apply free divisions to create sloping partitions for shoe storage, or even to use the inner casing feature to create very flexible internal designs.

Applied Local Feature - Doors and Drawers

Normally you would set up doors and drawers as 'Built-in' or as 'Applied Global' (overlapping the front of the cabinet). There is another option called 'Applied Local' we look at here. Unlike with 'Applied Global', here only the panels adjacent to the doors or drawers are moved back. This allows you to quickly recess them flush with other panels.


Drawers behind Doors

A popular feature in cupboards, wardrobes and other storage units is to have a set of drawers in behind doors. This video shows you how to set things up so you've got enough room for your door hardware.

Drawers with Overlapping Façades

How to set up a drawer inside a drawer, so one or more drawers are in fact hiding behind the façade of another.

Dovetail Drawers with Manufacturing Methods: Part 1 & 2

You can’t draw dovetails with Polyboard, but you can set up joints as mitres so that you have the correct cutting lists. You can also set up the drawers using a manufacturing sub-method, much faster than having to set up each individual drawer.

These 2 videos show you how.

Modifying Drawers with Manufacturing Methods

In this case, the bottom of the drawers are grooved into the sides, back and front of the drawers, so we want the bottom to overlap the front and back. How to set create a manufacturing method to automatically set this up every time it's needed.

Side Drawers

As well as applying drawers in the standard way to the front of your cabinets, they can be positioned on either side or the back. This video shows you how to do it.

Equal Size Drawer Boxes

How to set all drawer boxes to the same size. Instead of referencing the internal zones, set the drawer box dimensions with reference to the drawer facades. This video also shows you how to modify drawer slider positions to match.