Polyboard: Edging

You can add edging on a unit by unit or project by project basis, but it's much more efficient to use our pre-configured Quick Design edging methods. These automatically apply edging exactly how you want each and every time and can be fully customised.

Edging usage is included with costs in the workshop document and can be shown on the part by part labels as well, see our manufacturing output videos for more details.

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Apply Edging in Polyboard

How to apply edging to individual panels, and then how to use the Quick Design edging sub-method to automate the process for your whole cabinet.

Using Quick Design Edging

Adding a specific edging to each part can be long and tedious. With Quick Design it's now possible to add edging automatically to a whole project and then change the colour and thickness of the edging with one click of the mouse.

This video shows how to do this using the Quick Design edging materials and sub-method.

How to edit Quick Design Edging styles

How to create new edging and an edge style.

Note that the new edge and style created in this video are now standard in the current version of the Quick Design libraries.


Edges Style Example

This manufacturing sub method adds edging to your projects.