Getting Started with Polyboard

An overview of the basic settings, features and interface within Polyboard. How to change the language and units, plus a look at the Quick Design toolbars and the common commands they include. We also explain the different modes inside Polyboard (Cabinet Mode, Project Mode and Catalogue Mode) and set up a basic project from start to finish so you can quickly see what's possible with the software.

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Change the Language in Polyboard

How to change the language you are working in.

Change the Units between Metric and Imperial in Polyboard

How to switch between metric and imperial units, and modify the precision. Length, surface area and angle units can be independently edited.

3 Ways of Working in Polyboard

An overview of the 3 modes within Polyboard: Cabinet Mode for design of individual models; Project Mode to create room layouts and place/edit your units within these; and Catalogue Mode for bulk manufacture of pre-existing units.

Quick Design Toolbars Overview, Quick Design Project Toolbar

A look at all 4 toolbars, then on to the Project toolbar commands, first adding the floor to a project.

Quick Design Project Toolbar continued

Continue with the Project Toolbar commands; adding walls, a cabinet, the measure & resize tools, and a quick look at materials.

Please note, the permanent dimensions feature is now called customized dimensions.

Quick Design Cabinets Toolbar

The library folders and basic cabinet editing commands. Although the focus of this video is not Project Mode, it does show you how to select a model from within Project Mode to edit in Cabinet Mode. Then once the changes are saved, the updated model will be appear back in Project Mode.

Quick Design Cabinets Toolbar continued

More cabinet functions like adding a structure (in this example a hanging rail), sloping top, design around a pipe or column, complex shapes and adding hardware.

Quick Design Methods Toolbar, Quick Design 3D Toolbar

The Methods Toolbar give you fast access to all the libraries and methods that define how you like to design your projects.

The 3D Toolbar includes multiple ways and some of the best ways to present your designs.

Making Selections in Polyboard

During the design process you need to be able to select the whole model, individual parts and also areas inside your model, which are are called inner volumes or zones. Once selected you can access further options to modify those elements. This video shows you the best way to make your selections within Cabinet Mode.

Basic Zone Management

An overview of zones in Polyboard. These are the internal spaces / inner volumes within your cabinets and furniture. We cover how to select the zone you would like to add your design components (shelves, drawers, doors etc) to. Also how to select multiple zones at the same time, copy and paste structures from one zone to the other (in a single cabinet and between cabinets), and how to delete everything within your zones.

Display Cabinet Dimensions

How to use the measuring tool to measure and display the internal and external dimensions of an individual cabinet in Cabinet Mode. These dimensions can be fixed in place for display in your workshop document.

Inner Dimensions Display

How to turn on and off the display of inner dimensions in cabinet edit mode.