Polyboard: Hardware

Polyboard allows you to add virtually any hardware or fitting to your projects you want. All the machining for CNC manufacture is included. Use our ready made Quick Design hardware library, or add your own configurations.

Either way, automatically apply your favoured hardware using our Quick Design methods.

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Add Hardware using the Fitting Link Option

In this video we will show you how to add hardware to your models using Polyboard's links feature, and within that the fitting link option. As well as applying hardware to each panel in turn, we'll show you how you can apply a manufacturing method to add hardware throughout your project in just one easy step.

Using Quick Design Hardware Fittings

How to use Quick Design to change all the hardware in a project with one click of your mouse.

For example, it becomes easy to change 8mm holes to 6mm across a piece of furniture or project without creating new hardware or a new method.

Using Quick Design Placement Rules

This video explains the Quick Design rules for hardware placement.

Please note, these hardware rules are now organised into folders.

Using Quick Design Fittings Links

Setting up Fittings Links sub-methods from scratch can be a long and error prone process.

This video shows how to use Quick Design libraries ready-made Fittings Links to add assembly details automatically to your projects.

Quick Design 3D Accessories

This video shows how to model 3D accessories directly in Polyboard and how to use the Quick Design Libraries to play with hardware design options.

You can make your own, but we've got a nice selection ready for you to use. If you need something specific, please ask on the forum.

Quick Design Handles

This video shows how to use Quick Design to drill the hole ready to receive handles onto a door panel. This is an example of how to use Quick Design Single Panel hardware and the Structures Library to automate hardware setup...a very powerful feature.

You can copy this method and use it to automatically place any other machining onto a single panel.

Using the Quick Design Hardware Template

The latest version of the Quick Design libraries contains a special hardware set up template to make it far easier to create and position your hardware drilling patterns.

This video explains how use the template to set up your own hardware.

Hardware Positioning

How to use the new fittings function (Polyboard version 6 onwards) to move hardware positions independently of the placement rules.


Using Quick Design Hanging Rails

Setting up a hanging rail has never been easier than with the latest version of our Quick Design libraries.

Quick Design Shelf Pegs

Drawer Sliders

Setting up the machining for drawer sliders screwed on to the inside of the cabinet and the drawer.

Blum Hardware Set Up

An overview of the Blum hardware featured in Polyboard's Quick Design libraries, including drawer sliders, hinges and various miscellaneous items. As well as accurate machining for the hardware, placement rules are also configured. These rules can be modified if required.

Blum Tandem Sliders

Set up a Blum Motion Tandem drawer slider using a Library Sub-Method. This style of slider is hidden below the drawer rather than at the side. When using these Blum sliders the drawer should be fixed length, not variable length according to cabinet size. The length should be 10mm less than the slider.

Blum Horizontal Profiles

How to set up a fitting and a rule to machine a notch to install Blum horizontal grooved profiles. This video references another video where we create the appearance of this fitting for 3D presentations. That video became obsolete since we released the 3D fittings feature so has been deleted.