Polyboard: Manufacturing Output

The different options for processing the output of your manufacturing files, and how to set them up.

Polyboard's workshop document includes the cut list, plans and a cost and material usage report. The software also comes with a label printing feature, and a powerful range of post processors to output the files for your CNC machine.

In addition, we cover the integrations with our cutting and nesting optimisation software OptiCut and OptiNest, and integrations with selected CAM software.

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Creating Polyboard’s Workshop Document: Cut List, Plans and Cost Report

How to print out and modify the cut list, plans and costings for your projects. All this information is included in the Workshop Document, with the option of adding extra dimensioned view angles of your cabinets. As well as the cut list, the part by part plans themselves include the locations of all machining, all sizes, edging positions and cut angles.

Create and Modify the Material and Cost Summary Report

Polyboard's workshop document includes a summary report detailing the amount of materials (panel, bar and edging) used in your project, plus the cost of those materials. It also includes the amount and cost of all the hardware you've used. Having instant access to this information allows you to put together accurate cost based quotes you can rely on. This video shows you how to adjust the report to meet your needs and set up the unit costs of the materials and hardware that feed into it.

Printing Part by Part Labels

How to set up the label printing feature in Polyboard. You can create labels for all parts, so both panel and bar material parts. There's a lot of flexibility in what you can show on each label, including a plan of the part, where to apply edging, dimensions and of course the part name. You can also output these and other fields as a bar code if required.

Post Processor Output for CNC Machines

In this video we'll take a look at Polyboard's CNC manufacturing output. Polyboard Pro PP includes a range of post processors to output the files that your CAM software needs to run your CNC machine. What's really good about the post processors in Polyboard is that you can configure them to match your specific machine's set up. That means you don't have to make any adjustments in your CAM software, you just import the files from Polyboard to automatically create the code to run your machine.

This saves a lot of time.

We show you the DXF post processor which can be integrated with virtually any CAM software and CNC machine. We also mention integrations for Biesse, Homag, Felder, SCM/Morbidelli and TpaCAD for Vitap and others. Please note, there is also a NC-HOPS post processor that works well with Holz-her and other brands.

Polyboard Cutting List Export

How to set up and export a cutting list to an Excel spreadsheet.

Multiviews in a Workshop Document

This video goes through the basics of setting up the printing of several views in a manufacturing document, great for presentation purposes.

Numbered Parts

An easy to use but very useful feature. All parts are number referenced, not only whilst editing, but also in the cutting lists and other workshop output to make the manufacturing and assembly process more efficient.

Polyboard to OptiCut Integration

OptiCut works as a stand alone cutting optimisation solution. It also has a very good integration with Polyboard which we'll show you in this video. Design your furniture project in Polyboard, output the parts to OptiCut to produce optimised cutting maps for your saw.

Polyboard to OptiNest Integration

OptiNest is a stand alone nesting optimisation solution. However, it combines very well with Polyboard which we'll show you in this video. Design your furniture in Polyboard, send the parts to OptiNest to create the optimised nesting maps to run your CNC machine with minimal material waste. This nesting configuration is very efficient because the CNC cuts the parts and machines them in one operation.


Polyboard to CNC Solution

Design in Polyboard, output the part by part 2D DXF files to VCarve Pro CAM software, which generates the machine code to run your CNC.

Using Polyboard with Alphacam

How to use Polyboard with Alphacam to create a smooth and efficient workflow through to you CNC machine.

Using Polyboard with VCarve (including Grain Direction)

How to use Polyboard DXF files in a CAM programme like VCarve Pro. This video shows how to export files and nest them in VCarve while managing coherent grain direction to produce the files to run your CNC machine.

Formatting Post Processor Reports

Create a post processor report file with a specific column organisation to match the file format requirements of selected optimisation programmes.

Adding a Text Field to Post Processor Report Files

This video shows you how to add a text field separator to a post processor (PP) report file. The PP report file can be read by some machines and specifies what manufacturing files have been exported by Polyboard. It can also be used to export cutting list or machine file lists to any other application that can read a text file.