Polyboard Quick Design Advanced Videos

A series of advanced Quick Design videos to enable businesses to fully benefit from the manufacturing power of Polyboard, including fast and accurate ways to add materials, hardware and fittings, doors and drawers, edging and bars...for each and every project you do.

We are updating and improving the libraries all the time, so some videos show earlier versions of the libraries. The basic principles of Quick Design remain the same.

We strongly recommend that you adapt our libraries to your own needs. If you need help with this, we offer a very affordable Library Set Up Service. With your libraries set up correctly, you will massively streamline your design and manufacturing process, work faster and eliminate errors.

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Quick Design Construction Materials

Quick Design enables you to switch any project between design and manufacturing at the click of your mouse.

This video shows how to use Quick Design to switch between different panels materials styles. Please also watch video How to use Quick Design Methods.

Using Quick Design Edging

Adding a specific edging to each part can be long and tedious. With Quick Design  it's now possible to add edging automatically to a whole  project and then change the colour and thickness of the edging with one click of the mouse.

This video shows how to do this using the Quick Design edging materials and sub-method.

How to edit Quick Design Edging styles

How to create new edging and an edge style.

Note that the new edge and style created in this video are now standard in the current version of the Quick Design libraries.

Using Quick Design Bars

Polyboard can also make frame and panel joinery.

How to use the Quick Design Bars materials and the structures libraries to make the set up easy and fast.

Using Quick Design Panels Structures Libraries

Framed panels can also incorporate curved elements. This video show how to use Quick Design to set them up.

Carcass construction

Using Quick Design Box Full Styles

How to set up the carcass assembly details using Quick Design. For clarity, the current version of the libraries have been simplified and

contain only an H style for sides priority on the top and bottom and an I style for the top and bottom priority on the sides.

Using Quick Design Divisions

Quick Design libraries allow you to automatically set all the inner components with default insertion parameters like set back distance, play, etc.

This video shows how to use the Division sub-libraries to do this. Note that the current version of the libraries has been further simplified.

Using Quick Design Face Frames

How to set up face framed furniture quickly and easily using Quick Design libraries.

Doors and Drawers

Using Quick Design Drawers

Drawer set up must include not only the panels to build the drawer but also the hardware for the sliders. Without the Quick Design libraries this can be a complicated and tedious process.

In the latest version of the Quick Design libraries we have added

specific methods for pre-manufactured drawers and the list and coding have been simplified.

As well as standard drawers this video shows how to set up automatically the panel and hardware for pre-manufactured drawers like Blum LegraBox or Tandem Box.

Using Quick Design Sliding Doors

Sliding door hardware is not always easy to set up.

This video shows how to use the latest Quick Design libraries to set up sliding doors with different hardware.


Using Quick Design Hardware Fittings

How to use Quick Design to change all the hardware in a project with one click of your mouse.

For example, it becomes easy to change 8mm holes to 6mm across a piece of furniture or project without creating new hardware or a new method.

Using Quick Design Placement Rules

This video explains the Quick Design rules for hardware placement.

Please note, these hardware rules are now organised into folders.

Using Quick Design Fittings Links

Setting up Fittings Links sub-methods from scratch can be a long and error prone process.

This video shows how to use Quick Design libraries ready-made Fittings Links to add assembly details automatically to your projects.

Quick Design 3D Accessories

This video shows how to model 3D accessories directly in Polyboard and how to use the Quick Design Libraries to play with hardware design options.

You can make your own, but we've got a nice selection ready for you to use. If you need something specific, please ask on the forum.

Using Quick Design Hanging Rails

Setting up a hanging rail has never been easier than with the latest version of our Quick Design libraries.

Quick Design Handles

This video shows how to use Quick Design to drill the hole ready to receive handles onto a door panel. This is an example of how to use Quick Design Single Panel hardware and the Structures Library to automate hardware setup...a very powerful feature.

You can copy this method and use it to automatically place any other machining onto a single panel.

Using the Quick Design Hardware Template

The latest version of the Quick Design libraries contains a special hardware set up template to make it far easier to create and position your hardware drilling patterns.

This video explains how use the template to set up your own hardware.

Using your libraries

How to set up a Manufacturing Method

Manufacturing Methods highlight the real power of Polyboard, combining your entire workflow into a single set of instructions for the software to follow.

Our Quick Design Libraries give you basic templates that make it easy and fast to set up your own Libraries.

This video explains the basic principles of the Quick Design Manufacturing Methods.

Note that in the latest version of our Libraries we have slightly modified the organisation of the Manufacturing Methods and have added specific Drawer Methods.

How to use Quick Design Methods

The Quick Design Libraries use all the power of Polyboard to make complex set ups fast and easy. However, it's important to know the correct way to use the libraries.

This video show the correct way to use the Quick Design Manufacturing Methods.

Adding Library Elements from a Cabinet into your own Library

If you download a cabinet or project from our website you can add library elements contained in it to your own libraries.

This video shows how do this so that the new elements can be applied to all your projects.