Polyboard: Design Tips and Tricks

'How to' tips and tricks to open up more design possibilities for your Polyboard software, and work faster and better at the same time.

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Tappered Legs under Furniture

How to set up wooden legs under a cabinet.

False Facades

In this case adding a normal double door, then above it another false double door that doesn't open. This involves a nice set of features: adding a double back; setting the slack and dimensions to mirror the real door; and using the surface split command to split the single panel into the 2 parts of the false doors.

Corner Cabinet with Fixed Panel and Door

How to set up a corner cabinet with a fixed panel and door aligned, with the door set in flush with the panel. This query comes up quite often, because you needs a fixed panel for the door to be hinged on to, and to cover the next unit going in the other direction. The free shape method used allows you to manage the dimensions of the panel.

Front Frame And Dummy Drawer

How to set up a cabinet with two normal opening doors, a false top drawer, and an intermediary rail between the drawer and doors below.

Edging on Sandwich Panels

Polyboard doesn't directly put edging on a sandwiched panel. This work round shows you how to do it.

Edging with Assembled Panels

Alternative method for adding edging to assembled panels using a library. Quicker in the long run than the method in the preceding video.

Upper Strips on Sloping Panels

Polyboard doesn't immediately let you add an upper strip onto a sloping top. Instead, this method works by adding a free division and double back.

Mitred face frame

You would normally use the Structure functionality to create face frames. However, when you want a mitred face frame, this isn't possible. Instead you can create a project and set up the face frame as a separate element then clip it to the front of the cabinet.

How to Design a Bed

Although made primarily for cabinet design, Polyboard’s powerful parametric modeller enables you to model practically anything that's made of panels. Starting with a standard box cabinet, very quickly turn it into the frame of a bed, complete with heart cut outs in the head and foot boards.

Octagonal Cabinet

This video doesn't run you through the design. It's just a quick look at how intricate your furniture project can be, and how fast you can create it.

Stepped Boxes

How to make 2 hanging boxes from one cabinet. This allows assembly details to be added between the boxes.

Display Cabinet

A start to finish how to video where we create a display cabinet. It includes some nice applications for free divisions and double backs, two very useful features in Polyboard. Overall the video shows just how quick it is to create a complex cabinet like this with all manufacturing files instantly available.