Stair Building Tutorials

Video tutorials and lots of written guidance to help you with everything from simple jigs to curved strings and wreathed handrail construction.

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Basic technique videos include:

Using a bolt and dowel jig for assembling handrails and strings to newel posts. What is the best joint to use to assemble the handrail into the post? One of the simplest is the dowel and bolt joint. It’s just a bolted joint attached with a screw or bolt. In the joint, there is a centre hole where the screw that goes in. The dowels position the parts in place. It’s a strong, simple, quick to make joint.

Making and using a cross cut angled guide for a circular saw. We use this to cut the risers for a stair that has winders. So the risers will each have a different angle at the end.

More advanced videos include:

An in depth look at the traditional laminated stringer technique using clamps and a form.

Our horizontal laminates technique for making curved strings. This is a quick alternative which does away with the need to cut the steps risers in the string. You can also cover the end grain of the risers with an extension of the outer face veneers.

Wreathed and curved handrail series. Some great techniques to make this tricky job easier.