StairDesigner: Manufacturing Output

How to output the manufacturing files from StairDesigner, including adjustments and settings for optimal production.

Output options include creation of the cutting list and part by part plans, the complete stair plan and 3D model in DXF, and manufacturing files to run your CNC machine. StairDesigner can also produce 1:1 templates to mark out the stair at full size.

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Manufacturing Output Overview

How to output the manufacturing files from StairDesigner. Options include: printing the workshop document with 2D plans of each part, the cutting list and a cost report; 2D and 3D DXF output of the whole stair; 1:1 templates of each part; and DXF and brand specific files of each part to run your CNC machine.

How to create 1:1 stair templates for printing

How to set up the full size PDF stair templates ready for printing.

Using StairDesigner with Alphacam

How to use StairDesigner with Alphacam to create a smooth and efficient workflow from design to production with a few clicks of a mouse.