Training Update: 15th October 2014

Training Updates

Hi everyone!

Welcome to a new Training Update.

We’re creating new videos, templates and other training all the time. To help our members quickly find out what’s new, we use this series of Training Updates on our Blog.

If there is any new training you’d like to see, please let us know on the Requests Forum in the Members Area. Just like our last training update, all of the videos we’ve got for you below are the direct result of member requests.

Here are the details of today’s update. Once you’re logged in, just click on the links to get to your new training.

Latest Training & Resources

1.Fancy things with Drawers

How to design drawers with overlapping façades, so in effect drawers within drawers – click here
How to modify individual drawer height, edging requirements, the shape of the façades and lots more – click here

2. Polyboard Design with Wood and Metal

How to create a wood and metal table, a simple to show how easy it is to combine multiple materials, and extract your cutting lists for optimization – click here

3. Utility / Boiler Room Template

A very neat project using some advanced techniques to create a small kitchen area around a boiler – click here to download

4. Adding Accessories to your Polyboard Design

In this case adding a hanging rail – click here

5. Get your Grain Direction right

How to set it up, and how it affects your cutting lists – click here

6. An Overview of Manufacturing Methods

A great way to design much faster and error free. Set up the standard manufacturing specifications for your project, and modify with the click of a button  – click here

7. Home Study / Home Office Template

A really nice modern project for you, with lots of office units and a desk, which we’ve used in the Manufacturing Methods video above – click here to download

8. OptiCut How To Videos

A new series of quick and easy to follow videos to get your up and running with our cutting list optimization software in no time – click here

Want to make sure you haven’t missed anything?

To view a list of these updates, click on Training Updates under the Article Topics section in the right sidebar.

Thanks very much for reading!

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