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Latest Training & Resources

1. Free Shape Cabinets

How to use the Free Shape function to create irregular shaped pieces of furniture. In this example, we create a cabinet that follows an angled wall. A good way to get the correct co-ordinates to set this up is in a CAD programme, which we run through here as well. – click here

2. Spiral Stair

StairDesigner does have a useful helicoidal command for certain circumstances, it is limited. Instead, this options uses the multi flight stair commands – click here

3. Importing materials from Polyboard to OptiCut

The best way to set up OptiCut from your Polyboard libraries – click here

4. Quick Hanging Rail

A very quick and simple way to set up hanging rails in pieces of furniture for presentation purposes – click here

5. Edging on Sandwich Panels

Polyboard doesn’t directly put edging on a sandwiched panel. This work round shows you how to do it – click here

6. Edging with Assembled Panels

Alternative method for adding edging to assembled panels using a library. Quicker in the long run than the method in the preceding video – click here

7. Upper Strips on Sloping Panels

Polyboard doesn’t immediately let you add an upper strip onto a sloping top. Instead, this method works by adding a free division and double back – click here

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