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Latest Training

1. Simple but very effective Doweling Jig

We started this series off in the last update, but here’s the full set of videos…

Full side dowel jig intro – click here
How to make this full side dowel jig – click here
Classic use for this full side dowel jig – click here
Using the same jig for assembling along edges – click here

2. No Splinter Cross Cutting

A simple and straightforward method for using a cross cut saw without splintering your wood – click here

3. Replace Mortise and Tenon Joints with Dowels

An effective way to build your furniture with simple but strong dowel joints – click here

4. DIY Cam Jig

Just like the full side dowel jig, and really just an extension of it, another easy to make jig at your fingertips.

Intro and uses of this cam jig – click here
How to build a cam jig – click here

5. Design Enhancements in Polyboard

How to represent a TV in Polyboard – click here
How to represent an aquarium in Polyboard – click here
How to create sloping walls in Polyboard’s Project Mode – click here

6. StairDesigner, Polyboard and SketchUp at work together

How to accurately design a cupboard with a sloping roof under a stair – click here

7. Define the number of straight steps and winders in StairDesigner

Using winding coefficients to limit the number of winders – click here

8. Framed Cabinets

How to add face frames to your furniture – click here

9. Advanced Plinths

How to tweak them so they extend up to or beyond your cabinet or other piece of furniture – click here

10. Create Blum Aluminium Profiles for Handle-less Doors and Drawers

Vertical profiles – click here
Horizontal profiles – click here

Please note, these 2 videos show how to represent the metal handle profiles in your projects. Next we’ll create a video to show you how to set up your Manufacturing Method for the handle notches.

11, Modifying drawers with Manufacturing Methods

In this case, adjusting the position of the base of the drawers so they overpass the front and back; use a Manufacturing Method to automate your set up each and every time – click here

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