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We’re creating new videos, templates and other training all the time. To help our members quickly find out what’s new, we use this series of Training Updates on our Blog.

If there is any new training you’d like to see, please let us know on the forum. Many of the videos we’ve got for you below are the direct result of member requests.

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Latest Training & Resources

1. Smoothing and veneering wreathed and curved string edges

A look at the entire process from sanding to veneering – click here to view

In case you missed these 3 videos showing some of the new features of Polyboard 6, here they are again:

2. DXF import of curved furniture, walls and floors (Polyboard)

When you’ve got a design already set up, if you drew an unusual, curved or complicated shape in a CAD package for example, it’s now easy to import into Polyboard – click here

3. Parts Numbering (Polyboard)

A very useful feature…all parts are now numbered, including on your cutting lists and plans, making manufacturing and assembly that much easier – click here

4. Positioning of hardware (Polyboard)

Polyboard is now even more flexible in the placement of your hardware – click here

5. Plinths overview (Polyboard)

Already featured in our April newsletter, this video offers a great overview of the plinths feature including simple ways to be that little bit more creative – click here

6. Creating images of your projects (Polyboard but exactly the same method for StairDesigner)

Once you know how, it is very easy to capture any image – 2D or 3D – of your project for personal use or to send to your client – click here to see how it’s done

7. False façades (Polyboard)

In this case, adding a normal double door to your Polyboard project, then adding a false door to mirror it – click here

We’ve also added videos to some of our software pages in the Store. They give a good overview of new and current features you may not be aware of:

8. StairDesigner 7 overview

Some of the powerful new features of version 7, still in Beta and being added to all the time – click here

9. OptiNest overview

This video shows how well OptiNest can optimise your furniture projects – please let us know if you’d like advice on the best optimisation workflow for you, whether nesting or cutting – click here

10. CalpiLight software overview

A great piece of modular optimisation software perfect if you’re a specialist in cladding like tiling, ceilings, flooring and paving – click here for more information

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