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Welcome to a new Training Update.

We’re creating new videos, templates and other training all the time, so we thought writing a series of regular articles in our Blog was the easiest way to let you know what’s new, and where to find them.

If there is any new training you’d like to see, please let us know on the Requests Forum in the Members Area.

Here are the details, along with links to find them (you’ll need to be logged in first though)…

Latest Training

How to get your working documents using the free version of Polyboard or StairDesigner

2 new articles showing you how to use our new 3D DXF file service to import your design into the free version of DraftSight, and extract everything you need to get your project built.

  • EDIT: the 3D DXF file service is now effectively included in the CabinetFile and StairFile service, free to all Premium Support subscribers.

How to set up your Polyboard Libraries…

Videos and downloads to help you get started with your own Polyboard libraries, especially setting up the materials for your panels.

  • Our new Polyboard Library page with a Quick Start video and download to get you started
  • Setting Up Sheet Materials video for creating a detailed library of materials that match the ones you or your supplier use on your projects…a great way to really speed up your workflow

Want to make sure you haven’t missed anything?

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