Training Update: 3rd December 2014

Training Updates

Hi everyone!

Welcome to a new Training Update.

We’re creating new videos, templates and other training all the time. To help our members quickly find out what’s new, we use this series of Training Updates on our Blog.

If there is any new training you’d like to see, please let us know on the Requests Forum in the Members Area. Just like our last training update, all of the videos we’ve got for you below are the direct result of member requests.

Here are the details of today’s update. We’ve got a mix of Polyboard video tutorials and some really nice furniture templates to load into your software too. Once you’re logged in, just click on the links to get to your new training.

Latest Training & Resources

1. Sloping Tops to Cabinets

In this case, how design a unit to fit snuggly into a loft space – click here

2. Bookcase Template

This lovely template was requested by one of our members and is actually a project, which illustrates really well how to create a complex design using a combination of models or elements – click here

3. Face Frames for your Furniture

A new method for setting up face frames with assembled panels in Polyboard – click here

4. Some neat tips for using Dummy Models in Polyboard

Snapping to the inside of a cabinet in Project Mode (normally Polyboard only allows you to snap to the outside) – click here

Showing internal dimensions on your project – click here

Here’s the template that goes with the Internal Dimensions video directly above – click here

5. Wood and Metal Furniture Templates

Polyboard is often associated with the wooden furniture design, using panel, but it is very good at incorporating profile materials too. We’ve got 3 really nice templates showcasing wood and metal furniture for you:

Coffee table template – click here

Dining room table template – click here

Complete dining room project plan (including the other 2 templates plus extras) – click here

6. Saving Complex Structures into your Polyboard Libraries

One of our members asked how to save the structure of a 3 layered door into his Polyboard Libraries, so he could reuse it in future project. This video shows you how easy it is – click here

Want to make sure you haven’t missed anything?

To view a list of these updates, click on Training Updates under the Article Topics section in the right sidebar.

Thanks very much for reading!

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