Damien Juillat is a professional woodworker with huge resources of creativity. He’s also an enthusiastic user of our stair design software solution and regularly sends us videos presenting his various stair projects. He has kindly agreed that we can share this one with everyone at Wood Designer.

(There’s a little bit of French text explanation, but most of the video is a slideshow of the construction process so it’s accessible to everyone.)

Here are the details of this project, in Damien’s own words:

In woodwork, my preference has always been towards manufacturing, and especially the manufacture of stairs.

So, manufacturing is my passion, but Stone Age methods are not for me. I needed some software! And the one I owned was obsolete and very limited…

StairDesigner, which I discovered on the internet, was THE solution to my problem. Ness and the Wood Designer team were very quickly able to present the software to me, and I tested out the free version. It was the tool I needed, easy to use, and able to handle any type of stairs in the way I wanted them built.

I was able to learn the software quickly using the technical assistance via the forum. I was able to ask all the questions that came to me and the answers made sense because Ness is not a salesman, he’s a professional! And that changes everything!

Ness also introduced me to SketchUp, a software that allows you to place the stairs in a 3D environment, thanks to the export function in StairDesigner. The commercial benefits are massive! I can finally present to my clients a visual of their future stair!

Since I’ve been using StairDesigner, I’ve tripled the number of quotes that turn into firm orders! And the manufacturing time savings are also significant. Printing full scale templates has revolutionised the work of a small craftsman like me. And if you also have a printer like I do, you can say goodbye to tracing out in your workshop!

I sincerely believe that the future of manufacturing is software like StairDesigner. I will go even further: I’m planning to invest in a CNC because without a tool like that it will be unthinkable to be profitable in the future. I know Wood Designer offers 3 axis CNCs at good prices, so I may well use their services again soon…

Damien Juillat
Professional woodworker in the Gironde (southwest France)

Are you thinking, like Damien, of revolutionising your production?

If so, please download the free version of StairDesigner and feel free to call us to arrange a demonstration of the software.

Please also check out our specialist CNC machine offers for the woodwork industry here.

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