One of Polyboard’s most powerful features is the notion of manufacturing libraries.

Although it’s easy to see how powerful and user friendly it is to design cabinets and furniture with Polyboard, some other manufacturing features are not so visible to the new user and go largely unnoticed in a quick demonstration.

Manufacturing methods are a group of functions stocked in a ‘method’ that once defined can be applied in a click to any cabinet or project.

This enables you to design a project without worrying about assembly details, hardware, etc. Once the design is finished it’s easy to apply a method, and all the parts are adjusted accordingly.

Polyboard adds, joins and positions the boards in the right place, adds the appropriate hardware and lots more, almost magically.

The magic of this is not obvious until you get down to using it in a real project.

Imagine you have designed a project of 20 cabinets all different and applied a method for using Blum hardware. After finishing your design, you phone your usual hardware supplier and he says that he’s out of stock. You phone another supplier who sells only Hettich. With Polyboard you just apply the Hettich manufacturing method and all the cabinets of the project are updated instantly!

This is great for hardware, but any parameter can be stocked in a manufacturing method. You can stock material types, edging, board positions, assembly details, hardware and more.

In this video, I give an overview of how to set up the hardware library and apply it to a cabinet.

Polyboard Library Download

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