If your are building products from wood, then you are most likely using either manufactured sheet materials or materials that you can buy in certain lengths…boards, batons, mouldings, profiles, and so on.

If so, one of the easiest and fastest ways of making your business more profitable is to invest in good professional wood cutting software.

From cutting lists to optimized cutting maps

When one considers software for the wood industry, it is often easy to neglect the phase of actually cutting the raw materials for building your products. Software can save you a lot of money by automating the writing of your cutting lists, optimizing the placing of the parts listed on to your sheet material or your bar material and telling you exactly how cut and in what order.

Besides these very evident advantages, good wood cutting optimizer will also enable you to manage:

  • Off cuts
  • Edging materials
  • Trim cuts
  • Panel turnaround sequences
  • Cut lengths (minimizing machine time)
  • And a lot more
cutting list for wood

OptiCut Cutting List Set Up, including options for Grain Direction, Edging and Pre-Cuts (Trim Cuts)

A good wood cut optimizer will enable you to either type in your cutting lists by hand, or import from a spreadsheet or other software, and then automatically give you the best way to cut your material to have a minimum of waste, and cut in the fastest time.

For a very small investment a professional wood cutting program will save you lots of time and materials and has no hidden costs in training nor will it disrupt your actual work flow.

So to conclude, for a wood working business, whether you have design software or not, whether you use CNC or not, one of the best and easiest ways to investment to grow as a business is getting hold of professional wood cutting software.

If you are thinking of using software to improve your manufacturing process take a look at OptiCut, our professional cutting optimization solution. Click here for more details on OptiCut, or download a free demo from the right sidebar.

OptiCut can be used as a stand alone application and for seamless design to manufacturing it also integrates perfectly with our cabinet design program Polyboard. Click here to see how well Polyboard and OptiCut work together.

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