Happy New Year from all of us at Wood Designer. We hope you enjoyed any time off you had over the holiday season, and are raring to go again for 2017.

A new year is often about change in many aspects of our lives and certainly the wood working industry is evolving faster than ever before.

Computers, design software and CNCs are increasingly becoming the tools of the trade with hand tools quickly becoming the tools of the past for professionals.

Here at Wood Designer we are working to make this evolution the start of a new and exciting adventure. An opportunity for change and expansion towards new ways of working and freedom for our creativity.

But for now a gentle easing into the new year…

In this month’s newsletter we’ve included a neat little video showing you another way to export Polyboard’s cutting lists that gives you lots of flexibility in how you use the data.

Plus a selection of StairDesigner 7 models taken from the new Quick Design Libraries Pro edition we’re going to release very soon.

Polyboard Cutting List Export to a Spreadsheet – New Video

software for woodworkingYou can easily export your cutting lists to a workshop document or directly to OptiCut or OptiNest.

You also have the option to run an export to a spreadsheet. This is useful if you would like to further manipulate the data for specific purposes like inclusion within a quotation application or for invoicing. This video shows you how to do it.

Don’t forget, we have 100s more video tutorials in the Support Centre.

Click here to watch the video

Free stair plans for StairDesigner 7

stair plans for StairDesigner 7We’re putting the finishing touches to our Quick Design Libraries for StairDesigner 7.

This will include a selection of proven manufacturing methods you can use to work faster and more accurately. These libraries will also come with a series of models to show you what the software is capable of.

EDIT: click here to download StairDesigner and all these models

We’ll be back soon with news of some major changes to our website and services.

Happy New Year!

The Wood Designer Team

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