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The woodwork industry is changing fast. More competition than ever, but more demand than ever for high value custom made one-off projects.

Increasingly businesses are realising they need to embed software into their workflow to stay competitive. That's everything from client presentations to highly flexible design to seamless manufacturing, as fast and as accurately as possible.

Easy, right? Buy some software and get started.

Not necessarily...

We've heard from lots of customers who design by hand and are unsure how to move to a computer based process.

Or from businesses who have bought software then found it too complicated, or couldn't apply it to how they work.

Or who couldn't integrate the software with their saw or CNC machine, let alone know who to ask for help.

Or who just didn't have the time, probably top of the list.

Where we come in

Our team has over 30 years of experience not just of developing and supporting software but of running woodwork businesses ourselves.

So we know the constraints you're under.

At the heart of what we do is affordable, easy to use and very powerful software.

But that means nothing without accessible training and support services to get you up and running fast in your own workshop, working on real projects with your own clients.

Otherwise, what is the point.

What we absolutely don't want to do is sell you software then cut and run, on to the next client for a quick buck.

Instead we offer tailored software packages and training to fit round you and the time and resources you've got available, CNC integrations we know will work out of the box, even services to get your parts cut, machined and delivered flat packed and ready for assembly.

We've helped 100s of businesses through this process so we're well placed to find the best mix for you.

Would you like to take a look around?

Register for free to try out our software.

If you need any advice on the best way to get started and the options open to you, contact us here or on the forum.

Thanks very much for reading, and happy woodworking!

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