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Download the demo version of our cutting optimisation solution, and watch the video tutorials to get started fast.

At the bottom of the page we've also got a sample optimisation for you to download.

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Windows 7, 8, 10 or above - 8 GB RAM recommended, 16 GB if you're working on large and complex projects

Mac: we have many Mac clients successfully using our software with a Windows Emulator. Please see our FAQs page for details.

Please note: near the end of the install process, you will be asked to activate your software to unlock the full set of features. You can skip this step until you have purchased the full version.

The demo version includes all functionality except for output of dimensioned cutting maps so you can test it out fully before buying. Go to the bottom of this page to download an example of a complete optimisation.

Quick Start Videos

See how easy it is to quickly set up materials and cutting lists, manage stock, integrate with Polyboard and optimise cutting to meet your business's specific requirements.

Materials Set Up

The first step to setting up OptiCut. How to add your basic material details including thickness and price.

Stock Set Up

After you’ve added your materials, input your stock of panels by size and quantity.

Cutting List Set Up (Manual Import)

How to manually input your cutting list by entering the details of each panel you need one by one.

Cutting List Set Up (Spreadsheet Import)

Automate input of your cuttings lists using a spreadsheet.

Cutting List Set Up (Polyboard Import)

This video introduces Polyboard, our cabinet and furniture design software, and shows how easily you can export the cutting lists from Polyboard into OptiCut and output your optimised cutting maps.

OptiCut Polyboard Integration Example 2

Another demonstration of the power of OptiCut. We take a project from Polyboard, export it into OptiCut, and see how it can instantly calculate the optimal cutting specifications of your sheet material...and tell us how much it is all going to cost and how much to buy.

Using OptiCut's Cutting Maps

A look at the information provided following your cutting list optimisation, including your cutting maps, cuttings sequences, a technical overview of the results and costings.

Optimisation Parameters

Some additional settings to allow you to fine tune your optimization depending on your priorities, whether that be waste, cutting time or processing time.

Stock Management

How to update your stock levels each and every time your optimize your cutting lists, including all your off cuts.

Optimising Bar Materials in Opticut

OptiCut can just as easily optimize bars as panels, and determine the most efficient cutting maps for complex cut angles. Here’s how.

Bar Materials Optimisation (Extended)

A more detailed explanation of bar optimisation set up, including adding user defined profiles from CAD software and angle cut integration.

Label Printing

Print off labels to reference and identify your parts, and adjust your printing settings to your requirements.

Changing Units and Currency

A very quick look at how to do just that.

Importing materials from Polyboard to OptiCut

Earlier we showed you how Polyboard can export the cut list to OptiCut very quickly. If you're using a new material in Polyboard you don't need to set it up again in full in OptiCut. This video shows you the process.


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    Sample optimisation

    The demo version of OptiCut will allow you to optimise a project, but you won't be able to view all the details. Click above to download a complete optimisation.

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    CNC Saw Integration

    OptiCut Pro PP comes with a large range of post processors to work automatically with a CNC. Click above for details.

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    Software FAQs

    Answers to some of the most common questions about our software.

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