Aspire software

Powerful CAM software solution, fast and simple integration with PolyBoard and StairDesigner and massive range of nesting CNCs.

In addition access all the carving features of its sister software VCarve Pro, plus advanced 3D modelling and sculpting.

Image shows a cabinet imported from PolyBoard into Aspire, fully nested and with toolings applied, ready for generation of the CNC machine code.

Aspire software

Design in PolyBoard or StairDesigner, send to Aspire for automatic generation of tool paths and machine code to run your CNC

Aspire's key features

post processors in aspire

Compatible with huge range of CNC machines

Aspire includes an extensive catalogue of post processors for virtually any nesting CNC. Please note, the trial version includes all post processors and access to sample projects for testing.

Alternatively, it's possible to create a new post processor for you, please contact us for advice.

From design to manufacture: PolyBoard to VCarve to CNC (identical workflow in Aspire)

Complete your production set up with PolyBoard and StairDesigner

Both PolyBoard for cabinetry, and StairDesigner, include a customisable post processor. On completion of your project, generate the DXF files for Aspire.

Templates within Aspire will read the layer names in the DXF file and automatically apply the correct tool paths.

The result...error free parts complete complete with all machining details, and ready for assembly.

aspire polyboard integration
nesting in aspire software

Basic nesting feature

For an efficient workflow, the parts of your project must be placed or 'nested' on the panel material and optimised to limit waste.

Aspire's built in true shape nesting feature offers just that.

Option to add advanced nesting with OptiNest

Industrial grade nesting algorithm, plus labels and full stock management, OptiNest can easily be included in your workflow.

aspire and optinest integration
3d modeling features in aspire

Stunning array of 3D, 2.5D and 2D modeling tools

Flexible design for signage, mouldings, and other carving applications.

Convert a simple closed vector into a 3D shape using a choice of profiles. Extrude, weave, sweep and spun features create and modify 3D models very quickly.

With 3D sculpting manipulate your design as you would clay for authentic hand drawn results.

Free 3D and 2D clipart library

CNC-ready models or edit to your requirements.

Addition relief style projects available for purchase from the Design & Make catalogue.

aspire clipart library

Get started today

The Aspire trial version is available for download and is easy to test with your CNC

Open any of these sample projects inside Aspire, select your preferred post processor and output the machine code to run your CNC.

Projects created in the trial version can be opened and further edited in the full version.

Price includes:

  • Support from Vectric which includes tutorials, a community forum, and direct phone and email support
  • 3 months' Wood Designer Premium Support: technical advice via our forum and screen share sessions
  • Each licence can be used on up to 3 computers
aspire download

Finalise your order

Please place your order in our online store. Following purchase, you will receive a link to register and download the full version of the software, along with a unique licence key.